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We are selfless non-government organization providing shelter to the needy poorer old age seniors of the economically backward and under developed area of Tamilnadu.

We also uplift the life style of those who have problems in.

Everything is so special there! Along with the basic amenities like safe and secure livelihood, healthcare and entertainment, the organization adds value to the life of elderly people. Yoga and Naturopathy, spirituality and meditation, self-care and hobbies, the best things are offered to delight them. The objective is to bring positivity and enthusiasm in their lives so that every new day brings new rays of hope and enlightenment!

Since the mission of this organization is to extend unconditional and selfless love to all, everyone feels immense peace and calmness in the premises.

Motivating and inspiring them to understand the essence of being happy and further increase their life satisfaction which helps us to serve them better.

Our services are delivered through an interdisciplinary approach to your loved ones by a team of licensed and certified medical care providers.

Bank Details

State Bank of India
Current Account No: 3693 5105 427
IFS Code: SBIN 001 2795
MICR : 62000 20 28

Pan no: AACTV4801G

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We see a world, which has become more worth living-in for all. A world, in which progress means more justice and more humanness. A world, in which fullness of life is secured for the present as well as for the future.


Facilitate Civil Society Organisations working with communities to create a conducive environment to enable the poor and the marginalised to assert their rights and live with dignity.



Our Medical Services

All medical Data / history of each member are stored which is accessed and updated regularly. When

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We are planning to build a residential complex for old age seniors that comprises of 5 blocks. Each block is having

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Social Service

In house social service staff provides the sensitive attention that is vital to the prospective resident. Our

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A registered Dietitian evaluates the nutritional needs of the Angelica Grace Home. Special diets are

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